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Pass Plus Course

New drivers who wish to increase their driving skills after passing their driving test can take a Pass Plus Course, which covers driving in different road and traffic conditions, including town driving, country lanes and motorways. Its primary aim is to develop driving attitudes and driving skills that are essential for safe driving. This can significantly reduce your chance of becoming involved in a serious road traffic accident and consequently, many insurance companies offer considerable discounts for holders of the PassPlus Certificate. Some insurers require you to take the Pass Plus Course within a specified time period after passing your driving test. (No additional test is required but you must satisfy the instructor that you have reached a satisfactory standard).

Pass Plus Course 6 hours tuition £140.00 (Manchester), £140.00 (London)



Motorway Lessons

Refresher Driving Lessons

Reduce your insurance premiums and we will guarentee you confidence as these driving lessons cover Parking, Roundabouts, Dual Carraigeways, Town and Country Driving and all other Driving and Driver Training Needs. Discreet friendly and patient tuition.

Refresher Driving Lessons per hour £23.00 (Manchester), £23.00 (London)

Motorways are different to any other roads you may drive on and if you do not wish to take Pass Plus Course, but  just want help to gain motorway experience or refresher lessons, we can help you gain your experience and confidence.

Motorway Lessons per hour £23.00 (Manchester),

£23.00 (London)